It has always been clear that Brexit is an undeliverable, dangerous fantasy, on a disastrous collision course with reality.

Now, after three interminable years of Westminster infighting, the EU negotiators have thrown us a lifeline. Should we squander this precious time with more bickering? Gazing in stupefaction at the fallout as our country hurtles into a ruinous abyss? The insanity must stop. There is a simple, sensible way out of Brexit: cancel the whole senseless project.

Lobbying MPs is the single, most important action each citizen can take to let Parliament know that Brexit is unachievable and that cancelling Brexit is now widely supported throughout the UK.

These postcards, pre-printed with the address of the House of Commons, have been hugely successful in carrying our message to MPs. Quick to write, and more personal than an email, our postcards are also highly visible. Thousands have already landed in the mailboxes of MPs representing constituencies across the country.

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